Micro-Documentary – 4K – 2:47m

 Directed, shot, edited by Basti Hansen

Shot on Location in Israel.

"To Lose Everything - But 12 Strings"

My friend (and brilliant musician) Israel Portnoy lost everything that he owned last summer when his entire house burned down in a wildfire in Israel - everything, except his favourite 1963 12-string guitar. Being the insanely positive guy that he is - he decided to turn this devastating event in his life into something positive. He recorded a concept album around the wildfire called "Facing Flames" - only using the guitar that he could save from the flames. The album will be published later this year. We met in the ashes of his belongings and recorded a couple of music videos for the record. This is the album teaser / a micro-documentary about what happened and how he deals with it.

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