I always had a love/hate relationship with Berlin. On my last trip to Berlin in November 2014, while visiting good friends I finally fell in love with city. I decided to shoot a video about the city and I guess it’s my love letter to Berlin. I shot with Hannah Thelosen for about 4 days including the 25 years anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (“Mauerfall 2014″) on November 9th, 2014 with all the white balloons representing the Berlin Wall, raising to the night sky . It was amazing to see all those people celebrating Berlin in unity – a city with such a dramatic history.

Directed, shot & edited by Basti Hansen:

Thanks to Hannah Thelosen, Felix Hawelka & Leonie Jordan, Anica Thomas & Tim Buchholz, Antonia Steiner, Leonie Schulz as well as to Helge Thomas of pro event who helped a lot in the making of this video!

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